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Snap paper

A Tutorial on Choosing Photo Paper

The following post was contributed by the good people at Snap Paper. If you are aspiring to learn photography and become a professional photographer, printing using the correct papers is an essential … [Read More...]

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Courses Now Open for Enrollment

little girl holding a big DSLR camera

Demystify your DSLR camera – Basic DSLR Course

Summer is here and photo opportunities are abound.  And now is a great time to start learning how to capture those memories in the way that you experienced them.  No longer be intimated by your fancy DSLR camera. No longer be stuck in the Green Box Setting afraid of changing it in case you do […]

Sophie Leaves October 2011

Get out of Auto mode!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what all those camera buttons mean so that you could just take a look at your subject, your lighting and knowing what effect you want to achieve, just make it happen?

Because you know how to use that camera.


Introducing CameraShy’s Online Photography Courses

One of my most popular online photography courses is “Master your DSLR” which teaches you how to get a handle on your Digital SLR camera so that the basics of photography become second nature to you. This is perfect for any beginners in photography or someone just starting out with a Digital SLR for the first time.

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Canon Powershot S95 Review

Canon Powershot S95 Review

Recently I spent some time in Florida with my family from Ireland and I had the pleasure of using my Dad's Canon Powershot S95 compact camera.  Although this is now an "older" Point and shoot camera I … [Read More...]

Photograph Magazine

Get Creatively unStuck

There comes a time for every photographer when you know the basics, you're familiar with your camera and you are ready to move to the next step. When this happens you can sometimes get stuck. Stuck … [Read More...]

Timelapse Photography

Time-lapse photography made easy

Have you ever had a  moment where you are surrounded by the beauty of nature or the bright city lights, and you just wished that you could share that feeling of awe of the picturesque view unfolding … [Read More...]

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#Take52 Challenge

Holly Feerrar

Take 52 Challenge – Critique Week 4

This week's theme was Glass - not a very easy subject to capture and it resulted in lots of various types of the substance.  I choose the following image from Holly Feerrar as she obviously took some … [Read More...]

Black and White image of trees looming talll

Week 3 – Entrance

This week we are looking at this beautiful image by Stacy Phillips. I love the way Stacy has chosen to process this shot as a Black and White image.  It makes the foggy atmosphere all the more … [Read More...]

Michael Knight - Local

Take 52 Critique – Week 2

This week's theme was "Local" and it was really fascinating seeing glimpses into where everyone lives.  Amid a vast array of landscapes and street scenes there were a few portraits and this one by … [Read More...]

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