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Take 52 Challenge Classic

Critique Week 15 – Classic

This week’s theme was “Classic” – an easy one or so I thought. And our image up for critique was submitted by Liz Forrester

Tutorials & Techinque

Slow Shutter speed

In this video I talk about some of the scenarios when you might want to consider using shutter priority mode and slow shutter speeds.

Shutter Priority Mode-What does it do

Do you know how to use the Shutter Priority Mode on your DSLR? Watch Ingrid’s latest video to find out all about it!

Exposure Compensation Explained

The exposure compensation button is your way of controlling the exposure of your shot – i.e. how bright or how dark it is and over-ride the camera settings. This can only happen if you are in the program auto mode, the aperture priority mode or shutter priority mode.

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Sophie Leaves October 2011

Get out of Auto mode!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what all those camera buttons mean so that you could just take a look at your subject, your lighting and knowing what effect you want to achieve, just make it happen?

Because you know how to use that camera.

Reviews & Buying Guides

Canon Powershot S95 Review

I thought I’d take the chance to give you a little hands on review of a camera that my Dad actually brought with him. It’s called the Canon S95, it is a Powershot point and shoot camera.

Photograph Magazine

PHOTOGRAPH will help you reflect on your own visual creative process experience. The featured photographers’ beautiful works will let you see the world from a different perspective. It will inspire and will motivate you to go out and shoot on your own terms and hopefully bring you closer to creating your own style of photography.

Timelapse Photography

A review of “Timelapse” an ebook about the Time-lapse photography process for beginners

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Just for Fun

Sophie Collage

Since becoming the mom of two gorgeous girls I’ve actually been finding myself taking less pictures instead of more. Well less with my DSLR anyways and much less than I did of my eldest daughter Sophie


This week I have something special for all my readers here on the blog. My friends over at have given me a free 11 x 14 Premium calendar to give away to one lucky ready – a retail value of $29.99! I’ve been a fan of Picaboo and creating photobooks there for a while now and their calendars are a great way to try out their services.

Lady T and Ingrid

Last Wednesday was March 17th which as everyone knows is St. Patrick’s Day, our Irish national holiday (and also one of my favorite days of the year!)  As my regular readers already know I’m Irish through and through – no  really -  I was actually born there and lived the majority of my life there […]