Take 52 Challenge – Week 4

its polite to share!

Phew!  The weeks are flying by and we’re at week 4 already.  Doing this challenge has made me acutely aware of the fact that right now, there is no way I could cope with Project 365!

Last week’s theme was “Play-Time”



Despite the fact that I spend my days surrounded by toys my kids – like most kids – are difficult to photograph because they never stay still!  So I gotta say I was pleased with shot shot as I didn’t use any flash and just bumped my ISO  – waaay up to 1600 which on my camera is a lot.  It is grainy but I think it kinda adds to the shot.


This week’s theme is “Comfort”


Let me know how you are getting on!


Happy Snapping

its polite to share!
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  • Joe Kelly

    great shot good luck with your on line DSLR class tonight

    • https://plus.google.com/101862703520953230052 Ingrid

      Thanks! It went really well :)

  • Joe Kelly

    Thought another idea lets all take a few photos on each month the could be flowers and end of year we could do a international calender cant beat alittle competition what do you think ?

    • https://plus.google.com/101862703520953230052 Ingrid

      Sounds like fun.