Shutter Priority Mode – What is it?

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Shutter Priority Mode-What does it do

Ever wondered why you would use Shutter Priority Mode on your DSLR , advanced compact or bridge camera?  In this video I’ll explain a little about why you would use it and where you’ll find it!  


Do you use Shutter Priority Mode?

Tell me why in the comments below!

Happy Snapping



P.S. If you’d like to learn more about Shutter Priority Mode and all the other Modes that wonderful camera of yours has to offer, check out my Master your DSLR online course, now open for new registrants.


its polite to share!
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  • Gaye Ann Pusch


    Thanks for the video…I did not know where to find that on my camera. Now a question for you….when taking pictures of things like lightening/storms would you use the faster or slower shutter speed. My brain first says slower as it needs time to “digest” what it sees…then I change my mind to faster as its a fast acting movement. HELP!

    You are the bomb!
    Gaye Ann

    • Ingrid

      Hey Gaye Ann

      Great Question! Lightening is tricky – but you need to use a SLOW Shutter Speed – As slow as possible say 30 seconds. Some cameras have a bulb mode meaning the shutter will stay open for as long as you have the shutter button depressed so see if you have this option too. You might find it necessary to be in full manual for this type of photography and set your Aperture to as wide open as you can get it too.

      Have fun experimenting!


      • Gaye Ann Pusch

        Thanks…I am going to try a bit tonight and see how that goes. I also understand that I need to be in as dark an area as I can be so that it picks up the light from the lightening.

        This should be interesting! Wish me luck!
        Gaye Ann

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