Demystify your DSLR Camera

If you are lucky enough to own a DLSR camera are you confident in using it to the max?

Would you like to know:

  • What all those buttons and dials do?
  • The things that will REALLY make a difference to the types of photos that you are getting…
  • The reasons why your photos just aren’t as good as you though they should be…

Well here’s your chance!

Next Tuesday evening at 8pm EST I’m holding a live, free training online to help you “Demystify your DSLR.”  Check out the video below for all the details for this basic DSLR training.

Sign up here to reserve your spot:

Look forward to seeing you on the webinar!


P.S: Even you think you can’t make it on Tuesday, sign up anyways and I can send you the recording.

Improve your Photography in 2013

By taking more photos…

Last year I began something I called the CameraShy Take 52 Challenge.  It’s simply taking one photo a week based around a theme with the idea behind it being that the more photos you take the better you get.  I started this challenge as a way to make MY photography better, but it turned into something completely different.  By sharing my themes each each many people joined me and the Take 52 Challenge grew as a Challenge for others.  I am simply a facilitator.

This year we are doing it again.  This time we are using a dedicated Facebook Group – not the CameraShy Facebook page nor Flickr.  I will still send the weekly emails with the themes but the Facebook Group is where all the action is.  And it is certainly alive at the moment – 72 like-minded individuals already sharing their pictures and endeavoring to improve by doing.

If you think you’d like to improve your photography this year, and would like to join us, jump in when you can and sign up below to get access to our Facebook Group and get the weekly themes via email.


Sign up for Take 52 challenge

Happy New Year!
P.S. The theme for week 1 is “CELEBRATE”